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Newborn Baby Nanny

Newborn Baby Nanny

Who is a Newborn / Child Nanny

The Nannies, who are mostly employed by working mothers, are those who are responsible for the self-care, development and safety of the child when the parents are not at home. Nanny candidates in our wide range can work full-time or part-time such as daytime, , part-time weekend in line with the needs of our families.

Determine Your Needs Clearly

When making an agreement with the Newborn/Child Nanny at the first stage, the most important issues to be considered should be the exact determination of the needs. It is of great importance that our families and caregiver candidates clarify every detail about their working conditions brings along long-term relationships. Otherwise, it will be inevitable to have a conflict in the future.

Caregiver's Experience Is Quite Important

If you are in the process of looking for a caregiver, you may have noticed that newborn/child care requires a significant degree of professionalism. The issues to be considered in the caregiver candidate before agreeing with the newborn / child care are stated below.

Questioning of childcare experience / duration /, if any, the existence of education certificates in the field of childcare

A reference interview should be made with the families that the Nanny candidate for whom an agreement is planned to have worked with before.

Throughout her experience, it should be questioned whether she is looking at a child her age with your child, with which age group she does certain activities, how she spends the day with children

The age range of the caregiver candidate should be determined well, taking into account your child's age, demands and development process.

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